Civil construction

One of the main activities of Nisa is the design and construction of buildings of various types, scales, and purposes. For many years, we have successfully expanded our presence in the construction market of Turkmenistan. During this time, we have developed outstanding engineering and technical potential and accumulated extensive experience. The foundations of the company’s success are a strong team of professionals and a responsible approach to business.

Electric installation work

NISA has been installing, repairing and installing electrical wiring for over 10 years. Our company’s specialists have the experience and knowledge of how to connect a facility to the electrical network, carry out wiring, install devices and make the electrical supply safe, durable and comfortable.

The specialization of the employees’ activities is wide, so the customer receives in one person a contractor for all types of electrical installation. The company offers electrical installation for individuals and organizations from scratch, after repair or redevelopment, taking into account modern requirements for the energy supply of the facility.

Engineers visit the site, analyze the current situation, draw up a work plan and estimate. After approval, work begins. An important feature of our company is supporting the client during all fire safety inspections.

Road design and construction

Benefits of NISA services in road design and construction:

Whether it’s a new construction project or road repair and maintenance, we will help you:

Our company offers the following types of road construction:

Construction of urban roads and roads in settlements

We carry out road construction in populated areas, cities, and villages using modern road materials that extend the service life of both asphalt pavement and the base.

Construction of temporary roads

We execute the construction of temporary access or bypass roads with various surfacing. This includes setting up temporary roads for accessing construction sites or creating temporary routes within construction sites and other areas.

Construction of access roads

Construction of access roads (connection to the highway) in accordance with all standards and project documentation. We perform road construction with landscaping of roadside infrastructure. We ensure high quality in the construction of highways.